Energy Burden

By Emily Mavrakis,

Energy comes at a much greater cost for Gainesville’s poor, from the portion of income spent on utilities to the days without power after Hurricane Irma. A special report on why the poor pay more, and what we can do.​

Gainesville weatherization support group holds fundraiser


The Community Weatherization Coalition will host its second annual Strike Down Utility Bills bowling fundraiser on Wednesday.

Need a home energy tune-up? Non-profit coalition can help

By Aida Mallard, gainesville_logo

Our Energy Coaches assess where you are on energy and water usage and identify areas where you can save. The biggest energy users are cooling and heating systems, water heaters, refrigerators, clothes dryers and washing machines.  -Alane Humrich, Program Coordinator, Community Weatherization Coalition

Community Weatherization Coalition featured on Alachua County Talks

alachua talks

By Mark Sexton, Alachua County Communication & Legislative  Affairs Director

“Through free home energy surveys the Community Weatherization Coalition saves County residents money and energy. Whether it is by providing home heating and cooling tips or by supplying energy saving light bulbs, the CWC is helping citizens.”    -Mark Sexton

Labor Daze Festival goes on despite rainy weather

By Christopher Baldwin, Gainesville Sun

“I think it’s a great cause and another great thing to have downtown. The more different festivals and the more different points-of-view we have in the community, the stronger the community will be.” -Nicholas Armfield, Gainesville resident, on Labor Daze event featuring CWC

Q&A: Gainesville Mayoral Candidate Lauren Poe

By Briana Erickson,

“I work with an organization called the Community Weatherization Coalition, and they go in and do a home audit and find cost-effective ways to greatly reduce people’s energy use. That’s an immediate way that we can help people.” -Mayor Lauren Poe on how to reduce high energy rates in Gainesville

Apply now for a home energy audit

By Cleveland Tinker, The Gainesville Guardian

“I would recommend this program to anybody who needs help lowering their GRU bill.” -Sherite Thomas, CWC client